Our high speed mini centrifuges convince with features such as compact external dimensions, an attractive design, a low weight and high reliability.
Other features:
  • Rotor(s) can be used for vials with a volume between 0.2 and 2.0 mL
  • The rotor is clip-on fixed, which is very convenient in case of rotor exchanging (uniCFUGE 2: Universal rotor)
  • LEDs display the speed and timing (Mini Star & uniCFUGE without LEDs)
  • Practice silent and stable; free-maintenance motor, long life and safe
  • Multi-purpose to meet different experiments demands
  • Delicate appearance in your lab
  • Convenient and quick installation


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Mini Zentrifuge uniCFUGE 2 "MiniZen4000+6000"

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Mini Centrifuge "MiniZen6000"

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Mini Star Centrifuge "MiniZen7200"

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