50x syringe filters - Pore size: 0,2 µm

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Minisart® plus Syringe Filters ETO-sterile | Syringe filter with male 28 mm | Hydrophilic

Packaging: ETO-sterile
Type: Syringe filter with male Luer Lock
Diameter: 28 mm
Reaction to water: Hydrophilic
Pore size: 0,2 µm
Pack size: 50
Membrane material: Surfactant-free cellulose acetate (SFCA), glass fibre (GF) prefilter
Housing material: Meta acrylate butadiene styrene polymerisate (MBS)
Glass fibre prefilter: Yes

Minisart® Plus syringe filters are of advantage for the sterilisation of difficult to filter liquids. They include a fine glass fibre prefilter on the filter membrane, a combination which is so effective that throughputs can often be doubled. Minisart® Plus a syringe filters are the best choice for rapid small volume sterilisation with maximum user convinience.

Hold-up volume: 0,1 ml
Max. temperature: 50 °C
Flow rate: 60 ml/min
Connectors Outlet: Male luer lock
Filtration area: 5,3 cm²
Colour: Blue
Filter diameter: 28 mm
Maximum Pressure: 4,5 bar
Connectors Inlet: Female luer lock
Sterilisation: No additional sterilisation
Pack size: 50 pc.

(-) Technical data:
Reg. Trademark: Minisart®
Pore size: 200 nm
Asepsis: Yes
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