Memmert Waterbath WNB7

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Waterbath WNB7, 7 l, working-temperature range at least 5 °C above ambient temperature to +95 °C and additional boiling stage, setting temperature range +10 °C to +95 °C; electronic microprocessor PID controller with auto-diagnostic system, 1 Pt100 sensor, integrated digital timer from 1 min to 99.59 h for on (continuous operation) / wait (delayed on for continuous and time-limited operation) / hold, 2-fold overtemperature protection, stainless steel inner container and housing; inner container: 240 x 210 x 140 mm; housing: 468 x 356 x 238 mm; voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz; max. electrical load: approx. 1200 W
Technical data:
Bath volume: 7 l
Minimum operating temperature: 10 °C
Maximum operating temperature: 95 °C
Product type description: WNB7
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